You can either log into your device's apps by launching the record in KeeperFill for Apps from the Keeper Desktop App (see previous section) or you can login directly from KeeperFill for Apps.

Click on the Keeper icon in your device's menu bar/system tray to open KeeperFill for Apps (login with your Master Password if needed).

Either search for the record in the provided search bar or locate it in All Records or Favorites then click on the record to open it.

Open the application you would like to login to, clicking once in the username field. In KeeperFill for Apps, hover over the Login and click Fill Value to fill your username into the application.

Fill Username Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + U

Next, click once in the password field of the open application. In KeeperFill for Apps, hover over the Password and click Fill Password 

Fill Password Hotkey: Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P

It is important to remember that KeeperFill for Apps will fill the last focused area (e.g. login field, password field, etc.) so be sure to click on each individual field of the application as you fill your credentials.

Tip: KeeperFill for Apps even works over remote sessions (RDP)! You just need to change the keyboard mode to "Unicode" to make sure passwords are sent correctly.