Keeper: One-Time Share

Modified on Tue, 14 Jun, 2022 at 10:04 AM

What is "One-Time Share"?

"One-Time Share" is a feature which allows time-limited sharing of a record to anyone, without the receiving party needing to create a Keeper account. 

There are a couple of pre-requisites for One-Time Share to work, so if you're not seeing the option available then check both of the below are met:

  1. The web-vault or desktop app are version 16.6.0 or higher; and
  2. The record to be shared was created after 26 April 2021.

Use Cases

  • Share access credentials with a contractor 
  • Share an encrypted file with a co-worker 
  • Provide secure documentation or instructions

How to use One-Time Share

To create a One-Time Share, open a Keeper record and click on Options > One-Time Share.

Select how long the share link should be valid.  The record will expire at a time of your choosing, and it can only be used on one device. Even if you forget to un-share the record, it will expire and access will be revoked.

Share links will expire after the selected amount of time, if the link is never used. If the link is used and bound to a device, the record access will expire after the same amount of time.

You can copy the link or the invitation to share the record with another person.  Or simply scroll down and scan the QR code.

When the recipient opens the link, the record will render in the device browser.

As an additional layer of security, One-Time Shares are device-locked which means that only the original recipient is able to access the data. If the link is later opened up by a third party, or your email account is compromised, the link cannot be accessed, except on the original device.

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