How to Fix the trusted module platform (TPM) Error in windows.

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First thing to remember is TPM is a hardware-based security measure that authenticates the PC. If this goes wrong there are a few ways to clear the error message that appears that stopes users signing into one drive, outlook etc.



TPM Error - Microsoft Q&A


First method:


Update the TPM 2.0 driver.


Go to device manager in the windows machine and click on security devices, there you will see the Trusted Platform Module 2.0. Right click on this select update driver if not update is available then uninstall the device and restart the PC.

Check to see if this has resolved the issue.


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Second method: 


Clear the TPM


Navigate to setting on the PC and go to Update & Security,

On the navigation bar go to windows security.

Click on device security and under security processor click on security processor details.

Now click on security processor troubleshooting.


A new window will appear and you will be able to click on clear TPM and restart the PC.



Third Method:


Remove credentials from the pc


Search for Credential Manager and go to windows credentials.

Under generic credentials select Microsoft office applications and expand each one.

Then select remove next to edit.


This will need to be done one by one.

Then reboot the PC.



Fourth Method:


Login as a new local user account.



Fifth Method:


Install a new O/S by overwriting the existing one.

Make sure all files are backed up and the account is all good to be wiped from the machine before reinstalling and starting fresh.

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