How to create a desktop web shortcut on Mac

Modified on Tue, 25 Jul 2023 at 01:49 PM

1. On your preferred browser (I've tested on Safari, Chrome and Firefox and all work), go to the website which you would like to create a shortcut for:

2. Highlight the URL

3. Click, hold and drag it to your desktop, it will create the shortcut

4. By double clicking on this shorcut, it will open the web site in your default browser

5. The shortcut can be customised by renaming it - right click on the shortcut and select 'Rename' and name as appropriate

6. To change the icon, you will need the image you would like it changed to. For example, I have the Lineal logo.

On the shorcut, right click and select 'Get info'.

7. On the image file, right click and 'Copy'

8. Click on the small white piece of paper in the top left corner of the window to select it - it will add a blue outline to that icon

9. Press Cmd + V to paste the image, this will replace the icon. You can now close the 'Info' window and the shorcut will be on your desktop, named as you wish and will have your new icon

10. Save time by using your desktop shortcut rather than searching Google everytime!

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